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Saturday, January 06, 2007

'Offense wins games...

nyuj.jpg...Defense wins Championships'

We've heard that saying a hell of allot this season and I guess its pretty valid. What with the Chicago Bears going 13-3 with Rex 'Incossitent? No I'm not! oh OK, sometimes I am' Grossman behind the helm and all. BUT

At the moment you can still get around 10/1 odds on the Indianapolis Colts winning the Superbowl. Now look, I know their defence ain't great against the run alright, but it is second in the league against the pass and HELLO have you seen their offense in action at all this season?

Now I'm not saying that the Colts ARE going to win the Superbowl and there are some other fantastic teams out there (change the C to a B folks), but come on; this is a team that started the season at 9-0 and smashed the Patriots in their own backyard and yet still the bookies don't think that they can win it? And I haven't even mentioned the 'Manning' factor yet.

I don't endorse betting in anyway because it's stupid and you will lose all your money (Yes that is a disclaimer! Don't bet on anything ever or you will die), but I've got my two cents down for this one. On most days the Colts are an incredibly tough team to beat and at those kind of odds I just can't pass this one up.

I'll probably be regretting this post later on after the Chiefs rush all over them for 8 billion yards but, there is another saying in football you know.

"The best Defense is a good Offense." And the Colts sure as heck have one of those.



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