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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I'm ready to forgive Michael Vick, are you?

Michael Vick

So today Mike Vick is released from prison after serving time for his part in an organised dog fighting ring. And I’ve got a question for you: Are you ready to get over it already? Because you know what? You should be.

Us bloggers love Vick. Just like Brady, whenever we can’t think of something to write about, we can always do a quick post ridiculing him, safe in the knowledge that it will be accepted by our peers in the blogosphere. I’m sure I’ve been guilty of that many times here on STN. We love to hate on him, vilify him for what he’s done and poke fun at him. He’s an easy target and lets face it, it sure beats having to research a fresh story doesn’t it?

But in this humble bloggers’ mind it’s time to let go.

Now, I’m not a fan of dog fighting, cock fighting, hunting or anything like that. Heck, I don’t even like WWE for crying out loud, but when you put Vick’s crime into perspective and look at the attention it has received and how badly he has paid for it, surely the punishment has gone far enough. The man made a horrible, stupid mistake but come on people, it’s not like he stabbed someone, ran someone down with a car or held them at gunpoint and robbed them. What he did was wrong, but he’s more then paid his price hasn’t he?

Surely he has. Vick has lost everything for his crime. Not just a temporary suspension of his freedom, but also his house, his money and quite possibly, his career too. But why should that be? If a construction worker commited the same crime, he would be allowed back to work the minute he was released. Why then should Vick not be allowed to return to his job? Because it pays more? Get the hell out of here.

I know that football players are supposed to be role models but you know what? That’s a cop out. We’re all supposed to be role models. We’re all supposed to show respect for our elders, be polite and play by the rules. But name me one person that hasn’t made a mistake in his life. Show me one person who hasn’t done something stupid that they sincerely regret. Or even better, find me someone who had millions of dollars in his early twenties and didn’t do something that others would be horrified by. Spare me your outrage you high-horse riding, moral high-ground fuck.

The truth is that Vick was a poster boy and as such has had the kind of fall from grace that people in his position who screw up can only expect. But he’s paid for his crime, a crime that no actual human being was hurt by.Why am I saying this now? Because somebody has to. You don’t have to like the guy, I sure as hell don't, but I’ll tell you what I do like-watching Mike Vick split a defense in half with a ridiculous, touchdown scoring run. I miss watching him play and if you’re being totally honest, you miss that too.

What I’m saying is simple. If someone wants to give him the chance, Vick should be allowed to play again. I’m not saying that we should forget what he’s done, but we shouldn’t stand in the way of his chance of redemption either. What right have we to deny a person his right to make amends? If he screws up again, that’s when we bring the hammer down.

So I’m asking you, openly and honestly: Are you ready to let sleeping dogs lie (sorry), are you ready to give a guy who fucked up another chance? Are you ready to get over yourself?


Saturday, April 04, 2009

Calling All Bloggers...

Hot Sports!


Let's cut to the chase - I love this little sports blog. I often daydream about getting back into it and posting as seriously as I used to. But the reality is, it's the professional writing that pays the bills and I just don't have the time to post 1-5 times a day like I used to. But I still sometimes get to thinking 'There must be a way!'

...and that's where you come in. Yes you. The guy or guyette that's reading this right now.

To put it simply, I need you. If you enjoy blogging, love sports and want to be a part of something as fun as Shot To Nothing then I want to hear from you.

My plan? It's simple really. If I can find between three and five decent, humourous sports bloggers to join me on this here site then we can spread the workload and have a kickass sports blog without draining too much of our most valuable resourse: our free time. I can't offer much in the way of payment right now, but who knows, if this works out the future could be very bright indeed. All the best sports blogs started out this way. So click on that 'Contact' tab in the top right corner and shoot me an email introducing your sexy ass (a writing sample would help too) and lets get this thing going again.

STN has always prided itself on covering sports others don't as well as the ones they do. So whatever you're speciality, whatever sport you want to write about, let me know. I need you, I want you... come join me.

Your mate,

Saturday, November 15, 2008


Hey all, just to let you know what you probably already realised - I'm focusing on my professional writing at the mo' and don't really get the time to blog anymore. But I am planning a relaunch of the site in the New Year so I hope you'll come back around then!

Thanks as always, for your support of STN. See ya soon!

Thursday, May 01, 2008

McLaren's Problems Are Finally Catching Up To Them

Lewis HamiltonAt the end of last years formula one season you could be forgiven for thinking that McLaren had gotten off a little light, after being caught spying on Ferrari. However, now that the '08 season is in full swing, we are starting to see the side effects of the hefty fine and developmental restrictions that McLaren received.

So far Mclaren have only managed one win to Ferraris three so far this year and have at times, looked much slower then their bitter rivals. Infact, BMW have often qualified a driver higher then one of the McLaren boys. This lack of pace is almost certainly the result of the punishments received at the hands of the FIA last year.

The question is, can McLaren get back on track and give Lewis Hamilton a chance at the world title?
I think not. I can only see Ferrari getting better as the season goes on and so long as Kimi doesn't relax too much (as he is prone to do) I think this years title is already sewn up.



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Monday, April 28, 2008

Draft Day Winners and Losers (and Diners)

My most recent article for Football Diner has just gone up. Check it out here.


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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Hole is Filled - Jake Becomes a Dolphin

JakezillaLast year, the top O-line prospect in the NFL Draft went fishing. This year, the top O-line prospect is a Phish. After pondering the question yesterday, it looks like we have our answer. Jake Long has signed to a five year, $57.5 million contract with $30 million guaranteed. As of Saturday, Jakezilla will be a Dolphin.

And I really couldn't be happier. Although I do have a twinge of disappointment that the other Long will is not the one, I am extremely happy at how well the Dolphins front office has handled this.

We've heard a lot of talk about the god vs bad of having the number one pick, but I think Parcells has shown the rest of league how to do it. Choose your guy and then go after him. Sort it out early, before the draft if you can and all the usual first pick issues will be lessened a great deal.

All of a sudden, the Dolphins O-line looks very tasty indeed and I can't wait to see what John Beck can do under centre now that he actually has some blocking up front. I'm sure Jakezilla will be a star in the NFL for many years to come!



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