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Sunday, January 07, 2007

Optimist/Pessimist - Chiefs 8 Colts 23

There are two ways to look at yesterdays result if you're an Indianapolis fan (or if you've got some bucks riding on them like me; see yesterdays post). You can either take the Optimist view or the Pessimists'.

The Optimist: "Can you believe that? Manning gave up three interceptions and we still beat the Chiefs by 15 points! Our Defence actually managed to shut down the run of a top ten rushing side; Who said we can't stop the run? Who said that? Who dat?

Two of those interceptions weren't Mannings fault anyway, it was all down to mis-communication between him and his receivers. They just have to iron that issue out this week before they take on the Ravens. I'm feeling pretty confident right now!"

The Pessimist: "Man oh man, what in the heck is going on with Manning when we get to the playoffs?! Three interceptions! If we had been playing any of the other decent teams in the playoffs we would have been stuffed like a big fat Christmas goose!!

I'd like to say that at-least the Defense did a good job against the run and in the game in general last night, but against that Offense it's really difficult to tell whether it was our good performance, or their bad one.  I think we're gonna get completely hammered next week against the Ravens. I'm feeling pretty deflated right now. Why the heck did I put money on these clowns to win the Superbowl?

Ahem. For me, as an independent, I feel a mixture of both these views. The Colts were lucky that the Chiefs were so bad last night BUT their Defense played superbly and if they can keep that up then they could go a long, long way.



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