Shot to Nothing

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Well... You win some, you drop some...

Whooops...You have to feel for Tony Romo right now don't you? No I mean really, I don't like him or the Cowboys either, but you have to have at-least a smidgen of sympathy for the dude after that drop.

I'm not going to criticise the guy for that one mistake he made, despite the hours and hours of repetition that should have made it easy for him, though. Nope, not going there.

What I am going to say is 'Damn, both Quarter Backs have got a lot to answer for after last nights fiasco!'

If, like me, you found it hard to concentrate on the first three quarters of last nights game, you will have found yourself wondering 'Does either team really deserve to win this game?' I certainly did and even now I'm uncomfortable naming the Seahawks 'The Best Team on the Night'. I spent most of the game hoping that the impressive Pete Hunter would get an interception and return it for a touchdown so that I'd have someone to cheer for.

But hey, Seattle are through and good luck to them. Playing like that, they're going to need it.



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