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Saturday, March 03, 2007

NFL contracts = Pack of damn lies

'Goin Loco down in... you know the words...'Picture the scene: It's early morning at Nate's house but you can tell there's been a party going on for some time.

You can hear dull, muted sounds coming from somewhere and it sounds like it could be coming from the living room. You head over to investigate and yes, this is definitely where the loud music is coming from.

You fling open the door and are greeted by the sight of a butt-naked Nate Clements dancing around with a bottle of Cristal in one hand and a brand new contract in the other. He doesn't notice you though as he's too busy dancing and singing to the music; "Goin' loco down in Acapulco!...yeah!!"

And then you wake up in a sticky mess because you're a weird fucker and a sick, sick puppy.

But seriously, congratulations to Nate for his fantastic 8 year, $80 million contract (for contract read: useless piece of paper) with the 49ers. Perhaps I'm just bitter because I wanted the Dolphins to go after Nate Clements and they didn't or maybe I'm just a pessimistic asshole, but Clements is 27 years old and I'm willing to bet that most of that $80 million is structured to come in at the end of the contract. Does anyone really believe that Nate will still be playing for the 49ers in six years time let alone eight?

Right now he is a superb player in his prime but in eight years time he will be 35 years old. Once he hits 32 or 33 don't you think the 49ers might think about cutting their expensive veteran loose?

Alright, I'm being cynical as hell, but aren't you getting tired of seeing these astronomical numbers being offered to players by teams that never intend to pay out the full whack? I know I am. Clements is wise to this of-coarse, which is why he has $22 million of that contract guaranteed, but surely it must play on his mind that the tail end of that contract could just be one big ass illusion created to get him to sign the form.



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