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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

A Fifth Round Pick, Shit It Was That Easy?

I took them that long to compromise between a forth round pick and a sixth round pick? Ok, ok technically the Chiefs started out on a second round pick but since the draft they've been asking for a fourth. Finally somebody says 'I got it! How 'bout a Fifth?' and the deal is done.

So I guess this answers the question over whether the Dolphins really were interested in Green or not. It's difficult to say how I feel about this trade though; Am I glad we've finally got ourselves a decent starter? well yeah I am. But I'm one of those Dolphins fans who was still holding on to the dillusion that Daunte Culpepper might still make a comeback, so I'm disaapointed in that regard.

My problem with this trade is that it seems to set up another year of QB uncertainty in 2008. Unless John Beck is ready by then of-course. I'm starting that prayer today.

[Michael David Smith - The Fanhouse]

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