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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Tried and Tested. (and falied btw, Mark)

Mark Cuban has to be a sucker for punishment. I mean really, we all know that we would love more pro football, but nothing will ever compete with the NFL. You can call it whatever you want Mark; "Hey, pick a letter that isn't N" "How 'bout U" "UFL baby! U.F.L!" ...It's not going to work.

But instead of straight up dissin' you Mr. Cuban, allow me to proffer a new sporting direction for you to throw your money at. Recently the head of US Rugby Nigel Melville, set out his vision of a U.S. Rugby Union League. Now there is something that could work.

Every year after the Superbowl, when I'm all hopped up on a whole season of aggression and excitement, I turn to Rugby to tide me over until the next football season. Rugby fills the void left by the close season perfectly; It's tough, fast paced, dynamic and is similar to Football in many unexpected ways (more on that in a later post). There are 15,000 college football players who never make it to the NFL and believe me, the cross over from football to rugby is an easy one to make (It's basically the same skill set).

This could be the perfect alternative, not only for you Mark Cuban, but also for all of us meat eating football junkies. Heck, call it the NRL if you want, but a U.S. Rugby league whose season starts around mid-February would be a fantastic addition to the sporting calender.



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At 1:34 am, Anonymous Extra P. said...

Yeah, let's see... the guys that aren't good enough for the NFL already go into Arena League or NFL Europe. And viewership for those leagues is pretty dismal. I think ol' Mark is barking mad.

At 7:29 am, Anonymous Sanchez said...

I'll second that. You're right - the UFL would end up playing second fiddle to both of those leagues.


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