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Thursday, June 07, 2007

New Zealand Win Louis Vuitton Cup. Not America's Cup Champions Yet.

Emirates Team New Zealand have swept asside (literally) Luna Rossa Challenge to win the 2007 Louis Vuitton Cup.

The Kiwis won five races in a row against the Italians which, considering they were allowed to choose their opponents, makes you wonder why they picked the Spanish team in the Semi's. I guess that's sailing for you though - *different*

And speaking of different, this win does not make Emirates Team New Zealand the America's Cup champions. Nope, that would be a little too straight forward damn it. Now they must face up against the current holders of the cup, Switzerland. Despite the ludicracy of this, I like that system. It adds a whole new element to the game and it gives the current champs a decent shot at reatining the title.

Well ok yeah, it's the kind of thing that could only ever work in a sport like Sailing, but ehy, it's fine by me.

[32nd America's Cup Official Website]

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