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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Alinghi win the America's Cup final by one second. And three matches.

It looks like the passing of a whole year has not taken anything away from the insane skills of the Swiss. Once again the landlocked country is the champion of the high seas.

Going into the last race the Swiss Alinghi were two wins ahead of their rivals Emirates Team New Zealand and needed just one more to retain the cup. They got the necessary 'W' but the Kiwis didn't make it easy on them.

"an enormous windshift saw Emirates Team New Zealand able to lay finishing line which was now upwind. As Alinghi struggled to drop its spinnaker, the Kiwis turned into tack to fulfil its penalty obligation. Now downspeed, the Kiwis could only watch in horror as Alinghi slid across the line, just one second ahead."

So a close finish, but not really a close final. On presentation of the America's Cup the Swiss crew were clinical in their analysis as always, stating "This whole crowd looks suspicious, it's all dudes out here, except for these bitches..."

That last bit may not actually be factual.

I have to admit, before this years' America's Cup, I had absolutely no interest in sailing whatsoever. That hasn't changed much, but after following this tournament I do have a clearer understanding of why so many people love the drama that the wind and waves can bring to a sport. Roll on the 33rd America's Cup.

[32nd America's Cup Official Website]

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