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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Don't Bother Turning Up Early...

According to the stats over on, 14,311 people turned up to see the Marlins sneak one over the Braves on Sunday. Well I don't know where the other 13,000 fans were at but I find it a stretch to say there were even 1,000 seats filled. And this was a Sunday game. Maybe the Marlins have a really, really great secret hot-dog stand out back.

Now, I once had an 'exceptional experience' with an 'exceptional young lady' in the empty upper decks during a Marlins game, but that doesn't change the situation one little bit.

I know there's been countless speculation about a move North (or any other freakin' compass point would do) but, putting that asside, there has to come a point where it's just not worth screwing up the damned field to create a baseball park. I find it hard to believe that it's still financially viable for Dolphin Stadium to host baseball games anymore.

Ok, I've never really been for baseball being played in the Dolphin's backyard, but I figured if it helped bring in the dough and therefore keep the Stadium in good order. But is that what's happening here?

A big part of going to any sporting event is the atmosphere. If you're sitting in an empty stadium then it can really kill your excitement and if that happens a couple of times you're not likely to want to go again. Unless, you know, you have an experience like I had. But if you're an ugly bastard or a Marlin's fan then that's not likely to happen to you.

I think the Marlins are a bit of an embarrassment to the MLB. It's time for somebody to accept that the experiment didn't work and it's time to stop flogging the dead horse.

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At 7:28 am, Anonymous twins15 said...

Yeah, I can't see the Marlins lasting too much longer down there... heck, even when they were winning the fans didn't show up.

At 8:53 pm, Anonymous Cheap Shots #42: Elgin Baylor, Expert At Lemonade. « Signal to Noise said...

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