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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Cam Cameron Surprised by Knowledgeable British Fans

For those of you who don't know, Cam Cameron is in London for three days this week doing a bunch of media gigs and promotional events for the NFL International Series game in October.

And whaddaya know, it turns out the British fans actually know stuff about football...

'One thing I've found very interesting is how knowledgeable the people are about the Miami Dolphins and the NFL,''

Why do some folks still not get the enormity of the worldwide NFL fanbase? It's not like the NFL haven't been banging on about how popular it is in Europe for the last three years.

Thankfully David Neal of the Miami Herald appears to understand the massive support that the Dolphins have in Britain:

"Cameron expected even British NFL fans to know and discuss Taylor and linebacker Zach Thomas. But when people start bringing up a tight end who has started only 30 percent of his games in a six-season NFL career, it's an indication those first 40,000 tickets didn't get sold in 90 minutes (according to the NFL) because British sports fans thought Dolphins-Giants was a great novelty act."

It's good to see that honest, hard-working, Dolphin loving fans in London will finally get to see their team playing up close. Unlike alot of people, I see the international series as a great thing for the NFL, not only in terms of revenue but also in terms of growth. I'm glad to see it working out so well.

[Miami Herald]

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you all are in love whit sports. I àm madly in love whit my feet

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At 1:13 pm, Anonymous Throwbacks said...

It's not often I find a really good football article online, most are the same ole' thing just rehashed.
Thanks for posting something I could really sit down and read.



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