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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Hamilton Hits Barrier at 150mph During Qualifying Session

Lewis Hamilton is shaken but not stirred after a wheel failure saw him hit the barrier at 150mph. After the crash Hamilton had trouble getting out of the car and was eventually taken to the medical centre by ambulance.

The reports are good, no obvious physical injury or loss of conciousness but it is still undecided whether he can race tomorrow or not. On Thursday over on Epic Carnival that Lewios would not win any of the five remaining European based Grand Prix's but I didn't think this would be the reason. The wheel failure was caused by a 'Right wheel gun' malfunction which meant that the wheel was never properly attached in the pit lane. It was fortunate for Alonso that Hamilton went out on track first, as his wheel was also fitted with the same and gun and on checking, the McLaren mechanics found that his wheel was loose as well.

At the end of the session Kimi Robotknen had won pole, Alonso second and Massa third.

[BBC Sport]

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