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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

This is Kinda Like That Snow-Boarding Dude with the Juju.

71 year old golf er... 'legend' Gary Player is insisting that golfers be tested for performance enhancing drugs.

"I would say there are 10 guys taking something. I might be way out. It's definitely not going to be lower, it might be a hell of a lot more."

I mean... come on; How would taking drugs improve your golf game. Ok so maybe roids might make you better at the Par 5's but I'm pretty sure there's nothing out there that can improve your accuracy.

And look at some of these guys for petessake, they aren't exactly finely honed advertisements for fitness are they?

Perhaps Player is having trouble with the idea that he's losing a lot these days because of his age, rather then because the other guys are all doped up to their eyeballs.

[BBC Sport]

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