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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Blogroll Driveby

It don't come better than this: (er... these)

Apparently there's some sort of bat and ball season kicking off soon. Here's a great preview of it anyway. [Complete Sports]

Who is the bigger badass - Happy Gilmore or Roy McAvoy? Find out over at [WBRS Sports Blog]

A whole new (and excellent) way of ranking whether a decision was 'Ok Ace' or 'Lame Duck City' [Ladies...]

Is Jason Jennings undervalued? [The Extrapolater] explains why you should take that chance.

[Signal to Noise]'s vision of the ninth circle of hell is alarmingly similar to mine. Except mine involves the Bay City Rollers and the banning of cheerleaders.

and finally...

Guess whose presenting the 15th ESPY awards this year? Any ideas? [Awful Announcing]



At 6:40 am, Anonymous twins15 said...

Thanks for the link. :)

At 5:10 pm, Anonymous Sanchez said...

You're welcome!

At 2:37 am, Anonymous extrapolater said...

My pick was, as I predicted, demolished by the GNUru. But we completed a double-reverse link handoff out of it, so that's cool.


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