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Monday, March 26, 2007

ROUNDUP: World Figure Skating Championships 2007

Awesome andoWant to know what the most amazing thing about last weeks World Figure Skating Champs was?

Well, I'll tell you anyway asshole: It was The Judging

For the first time ever the judges got the results spot on; no controversy, no lower results for U.S. skaters and higher for Russians etc. Unbelievably, every score was perfect and it really brought a touch of badly needed respect to the sport.

The womens competition was incredibly close and was a tooth and nail affair where one small slip meant you were off the podium. The eventual winner was Miki Ando (JAP) who skated a better Free Program then any other I have watched. There were no mistakes at all and she did something like 7 triples, which in case you don't know, is kind of ridiculous. Second place went to Mao Asada (JAP) and third to sixteen year old Korean Phenom Yu-Na Kim.

Reigning world champion Kimmie Meissner came fourth after a small slip in one of her jumps. She made a heroic effort but she just didn't have the weapons to compete this time around. I have a lot of time for her though, she's a fantastic skater and, at seventeen, she'll be back.

All in all it was a pretty damned good event, you should be weeping over the fact that you missed it. No, really.

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