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Friday, April 06, 2007

What are the Gators Putting in their Water?

22 schwenty twoAKA can the Gators make it three?

At the beginning of the season the Gators baseball unit were ranked No.22 and looked like the poor brother to Florida State's No.1. Any chance of them taking down a third national title looked pretty slim.

But with sports writers and bloggers around the globe all collectively echoing the same three letters (WTF?), the Gators destroyed FSU, took the lead in the SEC Eastern and are now on the end of an eight game winning streak.

Over Easter the Gators will face the No.4 South Carolina Gamecocks who have won six of the last seven series against UF and this could well be the true indicator of just how good they are. If they do win this series, as they did in 2005 eventually going on to finish runner up in the College World Series, the entire college baseball world is going to start quaking in their caps.

So is it something in the Water down in Gatorville? Or is it the adrenalin soaring sounds of Whitney Houston being played through the PA during practice?

'Ohh, I wanna dance with somebody...'

Now that's enough to get any dude pumped up right?

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At 6:03 pm, Anonymous Sami said...

Wow. What if they actually did it in baseball too? I mean, what would the odds be for that to happen?

How's the Gator soccer team looking for next year?

At 11:23 am, Anonymous Sanchez said...

It's the kind of thing I wish I'd put money on. Or maybe not, they did lose last night!


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