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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Alonso Never Felt 'Completely Comfortable' With The Best Team In Formula-1

Yesterday I was called out by Keith from F-1 Fanatic who thought I was being too hard on Alonso for his, admitedly fairly light (for him, comments on Mclaren's supposedly favoured cheering of Hamilton's successes.

Although I agreed that maybe I was being too harsh, I know the way Alonso has acted in the past; the guy simply can't lose gracefully or accept anything other then absolute adulation from his team and the fans alike. In short, he's a terrible sportsman who rags on everyone but himself when he fails to win. Yes his comment yesterday wasn't that bad, but the fact that he had to say anything at all, heck, the fact that you knew he would have to say something, makes him enough of an asshole in my eyes.

Thankfully, Alonso has vindicated my rant by coming out on spanish radio and declaring that he has never felt "completely comfortable" with Mclaren. Well why would he, they're only the most successful team in Formula-1!

On his team-mate Lewis Hamilton he said "we knew all the help and support would go his way" - like in Monaco when the team told Hamilton to back off the chase, when you were in front, ehy Fernando?

And just to finish it off, Alonso kindly pointed out that Hamilton's win was down to luck rather than skill: "Lewis's win is good for the team. But it was very lucky as well as we were on similar strategies and if the safety car came out one lap before Lewis's stop we would have been eighth or ninth." - yeah, ok buddy and I suppose we'll just forget about you being overtaken by Sato (who was driving a much slower car) shall we?

I respect Keith and I like his blog, but as far as Alonso is concerned, I find it almost as difficult to keep my mouth shut as Fernando does. (almost)

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