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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Alonso Wants You To Cheer Him As Much As You Cheer The Other Kids

As soon as Lewis Hamilton won the Canadian Grand Prix, you knew that his team-mate Fernando Alonos would have to complain about something.

I thought he may go by his usual route when he messes up and start blaming the team or the mechanics, but instead he really out did himself this time.

Fernando claims that the team have celebrated Hamiltons' achievements this year more then his own.

"Asked if he felt some of the mechanics in the team celebrated Hamilton's successes more than his, Alonso said: "I have sensed it a little, but I understand it, it's an English team.""

Alonso is kind of like the spoiled brat who cannot accept defeat without throwing his toys out of the pram and doesn't understand why anyone would give another driver more attention than him. Even if the other guy is a rookie setting the world alight and leading the World Championship by eight points.

I don't mind though, the angrier Alonso get's the more funny his accusations are. There's not that many World Champion Formula-1 Drivers whose team's let them go without a fight, but Renault were so sick of his whinging that last year they did just that. Hopefully Hamilton will out perform him again at the Indianapolis Grand Prix this weekend. Then we'll really see some fireworks!

[BBC Sport]

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At 11:36 pm, Anonymous Keith said...

I think that too hard on Alonso.

I don't doubt for a second that a Hamilton victory does feel a bit more special for McLaren - they've been nurturing him for almost a decade.

Alonso even says, "I understand it, it is an English team" - he's not complaining at all, he's just being honest.

At 6:59 am, Anonymous Sanchez said...

Perhaps I am being too hard on him, that's a fair point. But I just can't stand the way he can never keep his mouth shut when he loses. It's like there always has to be a reason that he's been short-changed or something. I'm sure his mechanics are more thrilled when he wins then when Hamilton does, but he doesn't mention that of-course.

At 7:10 pm, Anonymous Alonso Never Felt ‘Completely Comfortable’ With The Best Team In Formula-1 « Shot to Nothing… said...

[...] 1 , sport , Sports  Yesterday I was called out by Keith from F-1 Fanatic who thought I was being too hard on Alonso for his, admitedly fairly light (for him, comments on Mclarn’s supposed favoured cheering of [...]


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