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Thursday, June 07, 2007

Blogroll Driveby...

Some of the best from around the Blogzone...

One of the things that really gets my goat is the MLB All-Star game actually counting for something. Should this continue? (The Correct answer is no btw.) [Complete Sports]

Speaking of Baseball, the excellent Sooze from [Babes Love Baseball] has a few ways to make the MLB draft a bit more... entertaining. Man, she is so gorgeous, I am totally crushing on Sooze right now.

[WBRS Sports Blog] has a sweet little number on the NBA Finals (and crap, we're at the finals already?! Where does the time go?)

If you were wondering who the Hot Shots of todays Baseball world were then [The Extrapolater] has just the series for you.

I still don't think The Phins screwed the pooch by not taking Quinn, but The Daunte Culpepper Experiment is a good name for a band. [Signal To Noise]

Well, he's kickng my ass on the Hot Blogger Bracket, but Darren Heitner sure knows his tobacco when it comes to B-ball contracts. [Sports Agent Blog]

[One More Dying Quail] has surprised me with this little piece.

And Finally...

Boy oh Boy, that must feel almost as bad as being a Browns fan. [Run Up The Score]

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At 6:25 pm, Anonymous Signal to Noise said...

Sanchez, I have to give you props for your consistency on the Quinn thing.

It's just that all the other options they have at QB are tons of suck (John Beck is untested, but since he's a rookie from a mid-major as far as football goes, he has to go in the "suck" category for now.)

At 7:52 pm, Anonymous Sooze said...

Aw. Sanchez, right back atcha buddy.

(I totally voted for you.)

Thanks for the blogroll lovin'!

At 8:39 pm, Anonymous twins15 said...

Thanks for the link!

At 7:31 am, Anonymous Sanchez said...

Signal: +5 for 'Tons of Suck' - excellent phrase. Thanks for for the props!

Sooze: Thanks for voting for me, I feel all fluffy inside now. :)

Twins: np.

At 3:52 pm, Anonymous dahrn said...

Thanks for including me on the driveby! You planning on heading to Fins minicamp?

At 6:33 pm, Anonymous Sanchez said...

NP Darren. Yes I am planning to head down there, unfortunately planning and actually doing are two constant struggles in my life...


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