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Monday, June 18, 2007

And The Picture Says It All...

Just look at Alonso's face in this picture ->

Is that the face of a man who:

a) Has been thoroughly beaten by his team-mate, a rookie... again but is happy to show a bit of team spirit. OR

b) Has been told by his team that no matter the result you will show a united front. No more media shenanigans.

You decide for yourself ladies and gents, but I know what I think. Especially after that whiny brat signal to the pitt wall when he couldn't get past Hamilton.

At-least we finally had a bit of decent racing action in a Grand Prix this season. It was pretty thrilling stuff watching Lewis's master class in racing even if it was mostly defense. With that win he really does have a chance to win the World Championship in his rookie year. Unbelievable.

[BBC Sport]

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