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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Awesome Athletes: Irving Saladino (What a kick ass name.)

In the run up to the 2007 track and field season, which kicks off in full on the 15th of June with the first IAAF Golden League event in Oslo, I will be featuring some of the best Athletes from around the globe for you to keep your eye on.

Featured So Far - Nicola Sanders, Tyson Gay

According to Wikipedia 'Panama is a transcontinental nation which connects North and South America.' Well, I don't know much about that but I do know two things about Panama:

1) They run a bitchass canal.

2) It's where the long jumper Irving Saladino originates from.

There haven't been too many Panamanian Athletes recently ever, and there certainly haven't been any superb Panamanian Athletes, but Irving Saladino is about to change all that.

At the 2006 World Indoor Championships Saladinocame second with a jump of 8.29 meters and then went on to win five out of the six Golden League events, which must have been a bitch 'cause that one last win would have brought him a share of $1 Million, (as is the Golden League system). He also became the South American record holder, which doesn't sound that good, but was actually pretty awesome - his 8.56m record breaker was also the longest jump in the world last year.

Having already jumped 8.53 this year, Saladino is definately one to keep your eye on this season.

[Irving Saladino Wiki]

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At 12:54 am, Anonymous Boris Sucre said...

Panama is home of 26 World boxing Champions, among them
Roberto "Mano de Piedra" Duran in 4 different categories in 5 decades.
Rodney Carew played for the California Angels and had more than 3000 hits
Mariano Rivera, is playing for the Yankees and was MVP in a recent World Series,

Don't say there are no athletes in Panama, maybe you meant to say "track stars"

At 7:05 am, Anonymous Pana Mulato said...

I'm agree with Boris. The article writer needing vacations, but out of the 4 walls, of your country (your bigger little world).

If you can't to travel a little bit more, at least, you can pay for some geographical class about your own hemisphere. Studying will make you some smart than right now, you can be.

Thanks for Saladino's compliments.

At 7:07 am, Anonymous Pana Mulato said...

Sorry, I forget something.

Wikipedia is in several languajes, including english. Panama information is enough there



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