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Monday, July 09, 2007

Hamilton's lack of experience shows. Robot and Moon-Face take advantage.

Sorry about the sporadic posting of late, for some unknown reason (bigger premises actually...) my place of work is hauling ass to the other side of town, regular service will be resumed just as soon as this is all done with. Thanks for sticking with me in the mean time.

And well... I'm not even going to say 'I hate to say' I'm just going to say (boy this post is sure turning out well isn't it?) "I told ya' so!"

Experience is important in every sport but when it comes to 200mph motor vehicles it's doubly so. After several practice sessions and two qualifying rounds, Lewis Hamilton was fourth fastest out of the elite four cars. In the third and crucial qualifying round however, Hamilton found something somewhere and put in a blistering last lap to squeeze himself onto Pole Position for the British Grand Prix. The record number of home fans went crazy for their new star and it looked like it would be Lewis's weekend afterall.

But that was not to be and experience, or lack of it, was the reason. Alonso, Robotkonen and Massa all ran faster cars on game day and while Hamilton still managed an exceptional third place, the more experienced drivers had the best of him. Robotkonen drove an incredible race to take the victory and Alonso, who lead at one horrible, horrible point, came in second. I've got to believe that if Felipe Massa hadn't stalled on the grid and therefore ended up having to start at the back, he too would have passed Hamilton and that would have meant an end to his incredible all-podium finishes in this, his rookie season.

As I said in a previous post, these European circuits are where the real racing skills are tested and without the years of practice behind him, Lewis may struggle to hang on to his lead in the World Championship.

[BBC Sport]

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