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Monday, December 31, 2007

Last Call for the 1-15 Bandwagon!

This article by Jeff Darlington of the Miami Herald, sums up the future of the Dolphins perfectly, after their '07 season.

It was great to see John Beck come back from that nervy fumble to lead two impressive drives and not only throw his first NFL TD, but Rush for another one as well.

The big news now is whether Parcells has the strength of character (and mind) to ignore the pleas of fans and media alike and give Cam Cameron another year at the helm.

I see this as a big step for the NFL. In previous days, when the media were less persistently salivating over the prospect of a story, Head Coaches would be given the time to rebuild. They wouldn't be expected to perform miracles with a bad roster and a bundle of injuries to key players. But in this day and age, the media sadly have more power to dictate the future of a team.

I believe that a new Head Coach is not what Miami need right now. I believe that consistency and smart off-season moves are far more important for the future of this team. And I believe that Cam Cameron can turn this team around as early as next season, if he is just given the chance.

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