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Monday, December 17, 2007

1-13 Never Felt So Good

Let's just savor that moment again for a second:



There were a lot of 'Here we go again' moments yesterday. Up by three with 1.56 left on the clock, Feeley sends the Kickoff out of bounds - 'Here we go again'. The Ravens drive the entire length of the field and equalise - 'Here we go again'. The Ravens win the coin toss for overtime - 'Here we go again'. Matt Stover misses a field goal despite already hammering through three during the game - 'Here we... oh wait a minute... this isn't in the script...'

It's hard to describe the relief myself and so many other Dolphins fans are feeling today. It doesn't matter what happens in the last two games now, we've got our mark in the 'W' column and no matter how small, we've got some semblance of respect back. Today there's a smile on my face. Today I'm proud to be a Dolphins fan again.

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