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Friday, January 04, 2008

As Long As We're Talking 'Shelf Life'...

So Cam Cameron has been fired and Parcells is deciding which of his buddies he'd most like to spend the '08 season rimming.


The Dolphins are going to have their fifth coach in five seasons, but hey, at least the papers have something to write about for the next few weeks. There's always a silver lining...

Perhaps I'm crazy, but I think the Dolphins are in better shape now then they were after last years 6-10 Saban debacle. And that is largely due to Cameron laying the foundations for rebuilding; good drafting, solid free agents and a great value trade for Chris Chambers. It's a shame he'll never get the chance to actually finish (or even start!) the project.

What we need now, more then anything, is stability at HC. This was a bad move by the Big Tuna. You simply cannot judge Cameron on this season alone, he has become the fall-guy for a decade of mismanagement and bad drafting. It's a damn shame.

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At 4:06 pm, Anonymous Jake945 said...

I agree. Bad move :(


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