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Friday, February 15, 2008

So Hard To Say Goodbye...

The end of the Zach AttackSo I was all ready to write a piece on the ridiculous awesomeness that is Alan Voskuil, when the biggest news story of the year (well ok, maybe that's a tad OTT) hit me square in the chest.

The Miami Dolphins have released Zach Thomas.

When I first heard this, everything kind of stopped for a second. All sounds around me went hollow and I just sort of sat, staring at the wall for a minute.

Zach Thomas... is was the Dolphins. And now he's gone. But even when the new regime cut the cord, Thomas was still class personified:

"I am healthy and look forward to playing in 2008, but will always consider myself a Miami Dolphin."

This is a huge move for the (un) holy trilogy of Parcells, Ireland and Sparano... if they don't produce results next year this decision will definitely come back to haunt them. The fans will let it play for now, but it had better work out.

But whatever happens, where ever he goes, I wish him all the luck and happiness in the world. Good luck Zach, thanks for everything and God bless.


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At 5:44 pm, Anonymous Donald said...

So sad... but the right time if you ask me. With all those migraines and stuff, I think it was the right decision. :(

At 6:28 pm, Anonymous The Hazean said...

Really sad and disrespectful move by Parcells and Co. IMHO. Hopefully he can continue his great career next year somewhere else.


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