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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

UK Athletics pick Dwain Chambers but aren't happy about it!

After a convincing victory at the British trials on Sunday, UK Atheltics have been forced to pick former fallen star Dwain Chambers.

Now, I'm no fan of drugs cheats but I'm no fan of hypocrites either. The hypocrisy UK Athletics and Dave Collins in particular have shown over this matter is quite unbelievable.

To my mind there is no difference between Dwain Chambers and Christine Ohuruogu. Chambers was caught taking drugs and banned for two years, Ohuruogu missed three tests in 18 months and was banned for a year. But whilst Christine is paraded as a hero by the shameless BBC and the frankly idiotic UK Athletics selectors, Dwain is attacked constantly in the press and has to take legal action to allow him to compete. The witch hunt that has taken place in this matter is unacceptable in my eye.

Carl Myerscough is another former drugs cheat who was allowed to compete for Britain after he served his ban and there has been little mention made of his selection.

It is high time that the UK Athletics directors took their moral bullshit and lack of consistency and rode that high horse the fuck out of town.

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At 5:28 pm, Anonymous Chambers_fan said...

I agree 100%. It's a total witch hunt.

At 11:50 am, Anonymous Whatever said...

Looks like he's still juiced up to the eyeballs - look at how ripped his muscles are. I give it 6 months before he's busted again. Hopefully he won't be given a third chance.

At 3:16 am, Anonymous Sebastian said...


At 12:59 pm, Anonymous Athletics fan said...

Dwain is being made a scapegoat for the whole drugs in sport issue but what is most concerning is the vehemence of the attacks personally on him - persecution and prejudice, there are laws against that! Ohurougo's was more serious as it is well known that training out of competition with drug use is common so avoiding tests have very serious implications. No, it is obvious Dwain aint 'juiced up' check out his times over his career!! Other so-called up-coming athletes however do give signs of doping and wouldn't be a surprise if they fail tests in next few months.

At 3:23 pm, Anonymous Costanzo said...

I think they should leave him alone. He has already served his time.
What's the difference this time around? When he came back the first time around there was no problem, he got selected for the European championship with no fuss.


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