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Thursday, January 31, 2008

For Queen and Country...

New York GiantsNow that's the endorsement the NFL was looking for...

Does a New York Giants linebacker saying the London game was beneficial to the team's Superbowl challenge, make the NFL smile?

"Everybody needs to get accustomed to a different environment," linebacker Antonio Pierce said. "I think it's good because we went to London."

You bet it does.

The fact that the New York Giants made it all the way to the Superbowl was a bit of a coup for the NFL and for Britain. In one season the Giants have shown the rest of the NFL that playing an international series game is not detrimental in any way.

And the fact that the players are now citing it as beneficial to their season - that's huge.

"That was the best. Besides the field, I would love to go back." ( Osi Umenyiora)

You know what the biggest complaint from the British fans was after the Wembley game?

"Not enough merchandise available" - I kid you not.

The NFL loves the UK. And you know what? The UK loves the NFL right back.

[BBC Sport]

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At 11:00 am, Anonymous Bobisnotmyuncle said...

It probably went a long way to getting the UK another game too.


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