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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

When it comes to Federer, Murray is the right place, right time man.

Murray. Scottish.Yesterday at the Dubai Classic, Scot Andy Murray beat Roger Federer for the second time in three matches.

Does this mean that Murray is the second coming or the only one who can stop the almighty Fed? Well... quite frankly, no it doesn't.

Of the three games that Murray has played against Federer, twice Federer has been the worse for ware. And both of those times he unsurprisingly lost. The first loss came at the tail end of a bout of food poisoning and the next was at his first match back after a very long break.

This won't stop the British media from proclaiming Murray as some sort of hero of course, but then, they kind of do that anyway even when he's losing. It's important to keep some perspective though. Federer is still a class above the field.

[BBC Sport]


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At 12:58 pm, Anonymous Casey said...

Mmm... food poisoning'll do that to ya


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