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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Six Nations: Where The Countries Stand

Heading into the third week of the six nations it's all to play for. Here are the outlooks for each country:

France: France have to be the front runners. With wins over Scotland and (more importantly) Ireland, they are in good shape and realisticly only have England to go through to win the tournament.

England: Apart from the blip against Wales, England are still in good shape. They will have to beat France this weekend to win the tournament but they certainly have the personnel to do it. Now if only they'd stop melting down as a team in the second half.

Ireland: Ireland may have lost to France but are not out of the running by a long way. They have a great chance against England but will need England to beat France as it is unlikely that Wales or Italy will do.

Italy: Italy are no longer the minnows of this competition. With two exceptionally close losses against tough teams, they have shown that they have come of age as contenders in the six nations. I think they will beat Wales and Scotland with ease and once again avoid the bottom rung of the table.

Wales: Wales are not as good as their record suggests. With a fluke win over England and an easy victory over Scotland, they look much better then they actually are. I see them finishing second to last.

Scotland: You know what's really funny? That Scotland actually believed they had a chance to win the tournament this year. As if!



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At 9:51 am, Anonymous Jake said...

Can't see France not winning this year.


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