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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

England Will Appoint Legend As New Rugby Manager

The Big ManThe man who captained England to World Cup victory in 2003 will today be announced as their new team manager. Martin Johnson will be the new England Manager. Despite Brian Ashton's good efforts in the World Cup, failure to bring that progress to the Six Nations has cost him dear.

I'm always a bit dubious about appointing big name former players as head coaches, but in this case I'm not. Martin Johnson is not just a legendary England player, he is also a tremendously smart man, has the capability to lead several large armies and has the every player's unbridled respect.

Since retiring from rugby Johnson has set up a summer training camp for youths and players and it was this system that brought scrum half Andy Gormasall back from the brink of his career. Just one summer spent under Martins tutelage turned Gormasall around and saw him as the starting scrum half for England in the last world cup.

It is this kind of turn around that the England team so badly needs right now. English rugby has the players, it has the talent, but it just isn't producing the results. I have every faith that Martin Johnson can and will change that though.



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At 1:10 pm, Anonymous Daniel said...

Yes Martin Johnson will be THE MAN! Back tot eh glory days!


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