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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Britain is Awesome at Track Cycling

Chris HoyBritain has always had a good pedigree in track cycling. It dates back to Chris Boardman over-taking the German world champion in the individual pursuit final in the Barcelona Olympics.

But at the track cycling world championships, being held in Manchester, U.K. this week, things have been getting kind of ridiculous.

The current medal table has Britain leading with 9 golds and one silver (which shmuck got a silver??) 'closely' followed by Belarus with 2 golds and a bronze. The only events British riders aren't winning are those that haven't got any Brits in them. In fact, between them the British track cycling team have also set three world records, two of which came only twenty minutes apart!

Now this is nothing new, Great Britain has always been uh... great at cycling, but even when you take home field advantage into consideration, this medal haul is pretty incredible. The big question is, can they repeat this performance at Beijing 2008?


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At 6:31 pm, Anonymous Jake said...

NINE golds? And isn't there still more events to go? Mental!

At 5:20 pm, Anonymous extrapreneur said...

we're AMAZING at the cycling, go us! Rule Brittania!!!! Visit my blog at

At 6:59 pm, Anonymous notinparis said...

Jeez! Wow. I never even knew we were good at cycling.


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