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Thursday, April 03, 2008

How Does Two More Parades A Year Sound?

Lewis HamiltonYesterday the team boses for Formula One agreed to an extension of the race calender to include two more races - bringing the season up to 20.

I can't get enough of F1, it's always there for me after the Superbowl and the Six nations have passed by and I need my sporting fix, but I'm not sure that more races are what the doctor ordered right now.

It's not that I don't want to see more Formula-1, it's just that I think this is a decision that is largely based around generating money, much like many other recent decisions. Would it not be better for the FIA and the team boss's to work on how to improve races and make the sport more competitive, rather then give us two more pointless parades a year?

At the moment, with most races being decided during the last three minutes of qualifying on a Saturday, I feel that the focus should be shifted away from the almighty buck. It's not like the sport doesn't make 100's of millions of dollars already, why not spend some of that money to improve the spectacle?


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At 2:41 pm, Anonymous FrankyFour said...

I think 20 would be ok as long as theyre in places that make sense - like the U.S.


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