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Monday, April 07, 2008

Hamilton Must Learn To Chill

Lewis HamiltonNobody's perfect I guess. And whilst Lewis Hamilton comes pretty damn close to the perfect race driver sometimes, he does have a flaw. That flaw is trying to do too much when the chips are down.

Yesterdays 13th place finish in the Bahrain Grand Prix lost Hamtilton the lead in the world championship and despite the claims of foul play from the ITV crew, the problems were all of Hamiltons making. And it started when he failed to secure pole position in qualifying.

I don't know whether Lewis was too fired up or too tense, but something happened somewhere that resulted in him having the worst start of all the drivers on the grid. He dropped back several places and could see his race going up in smoke. So he pushed it hard, too hard and ended up driving into the back of old rival Alonso, so desperate was he to get past him and redeem himself.

Once the front wing was broken the race really was over for Lewis. The fact that he managed 13th is a credit to his driving skills but praise alone will not win him the world title. He has to learn that sometimes, squeezing out a points finish when things aren't going your way is far better then blowing it all in a haze of frustration. Whether Hamilton can learn to control this side of his temperament could be the deciding factor in whether he becomes a world champion or not.



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At 9:55 am, Anonymous Daniel said...

Youre right, if he wants to win the bigone he has to stop freakin' out.

At 3:32 pm, Anonymous sajwan said...

Quite true ...especially when Hamilton overtook Fisichella after trailing him for 4 laps and then Hamilton had to nerve to wave a hand to Fisichella ...Fisichella was just trying to save his track position. Hamilton is the new kid and he should learn to respect more experienced drivers like Fisichella.

At 12:38 pm, Anonymous Sanchez said...

I agree with you there sajwan. Alonso did the same thing a couple years back and it had to be pointed out to him that De La Rossa had every right to not let him past. This is racing afterall!


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