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Saturday, March 08, 2008

Chambers Wins Silver, Hearts and Minds of Fans

Running ManDwain Chambers finally had his redemption at the World Indoor Championships last night, coming second in the 60 meters to take silver. Though it wasn't the gold the fans were hoping for, Chambers ran a PB of 6.54 and only lost to the stunning Nigerian Fasuba.

Before and after the race, Chambers made a big show of waving to the fans and showing his appreciation to them.

"I just want to thank the public for all their support"

Over the past few weeks UK Athletics and the media have vilified Chambers but the public has stood by him. They chose to do so despite a horrendous hate-filled campaign from UK Athletics and the joke that has become BBC Sport.

Having previously had a former banned athlete crammed down their throats as some form of hero, the public were angered by the witch hunt that took place over Chambers. Whilst the preening, smug sports presenters of the BBC queued up to attack him, so the backlash on bulletin boards and sports blogs began. The fans hated the double standard and so took to Chambers side once again. They cheered him, they defended him and they were celebrating with him last night.

Congratulations Dwain, we're all with you.



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At 9:59 am, Anonymous Jake said...

It was so great to see wasnt it? That should shut the media up for a while.

At 1:27 pm, Anonymous Billi-boy said...

He was great. Wonder what he was on.

At 2:43 pm, Anonymous girlgenius13 said...

I cannot WAIT for baseball season to start up again! I think I'm slowly dying without it! WOO! BASEBALL! *Take me out to the ball game...*


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