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Saturday, April 04, 2009

Calling All Bloggers...

Hot Sports!


Let's cut to the chase - I love this little sports blog. I often daydream about getting back into it and posting as seriously as I used to. But the reality is, it's the professional writing that pays the bills and I just don't have the time to post 1-5 times a day like I used to. But I still sometimes get to thinking 'There must be a way!'

...and that's where you come in. Yes you. The guy or guyette that's reading this right now.

To put it simply, I need you. If you enjoy blogging, love sports and want to be a part of something as fun as Shot To Nothing then I want to hear from you.

My plan? It's simple really. If I can find between three and five decent, humourous sports bloggers to join me on this here site then we can spread the workload and have a kickass sports blog without draining too much of our most valuable resourse: our free time. I can't offer much in the way of payment right now, but who knows, if this works out the future could be very bright indeed. All the best sports blogs started out this way. So click on that 'Contact' tab in the top right corner and shoot me an email introducing your sexy ass (a writing sample would help too) and lets get this thing going again.

STN has always prided itself on covering sports others don't as well as the ones they do. So whatever you're speciality, whatever sport you want to write about, let me know. I need you, I want you... come join me.

Your mate,


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