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Thursday, May 01, 2008

McLaren's Problems Are Finally Catching Up To Them

Lewis HamiltonAt the end of last years formula one season you could be forgiven for thinking that McLaren had gotten off a little light, after being caught spying on Ferrari. However, now that the '08 season is in full swing, we are starting to see the side effects of the hefty fine and developmental restrictions that McLaren received.

So far Mclaren have only managed one win to Ferraris three so far this year and have at times, looked much slower then their bitter rivals. Infact, BMW have often qualified a driver higher then one of the McLaren boys. This lack of pace is almost certainly the result of the punishments received at the hands of the FIA last year.

The question is, can McLaren get back on track and give Lewis Hamilton a chance at the world title?
I think not. I can only see Ferrari getting better as the season goes on and so long as Kimi doesn't relax too much (as he is prone to do) I think this years title is already sewn up.



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At 4:08 pm, Anonymous Martin said...

I disagree. I think if McLaren knuckle down then they could make a comeback, especially with Hamilton on board.

At 10:00 am, Anonymous S T said...

There is no chance of McLaren getting it together, they have major downforce issues

nice article


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