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Saturday, April 07, 2007

Global Update


Damn, The Masters is hard this year. After the cut there's only three guys above even! The leader-board looks like so:

B Wetterich -2
T Clark SA -2
V Taylor -1
J Kelly even
V Singh Fij even
Z Johnson even
J Rose Eng even
D Howell Eng +1
L Glover +1
P Harrington Ire +1

Tiger Woods ain't lookin' so hot at +3 but I don't think he should be too worried, he's only five shots off the leader and also... well, because he's Tiger Woods.

In College Baseball the Gators managed to blow my theory about them hotting up by losing 12-2 to South Carolina. Ah well, it was fun while it lasted....

Felipe Massa (Ferrari) has claimed pole position for the Malaysian Grand Prix (Formula 1) tomorrow. Kimi 'X-nay on the personality-ay' Raikonnen got bumped down to third by Fernando Alonso (Renault) which is great news, because Kimi Raikonnen is the only person in the entire world who can make the worlds fastest Ferrari look boring.

Let's see, what else...

Oh yeah, Track Athlete Christine Ohuruogu is said to be 'stunned' by the loss of her appeal against a 12-month doping ban. Well Christine, that's kinda what happens when you decide to skip a load of drugs tests, it's the same for everybody.

The Bearded WonderMore importantly than this other crap is news that Ricky Williams has officially applied for reinstatement to the NFL. The Dolphins management say they won't comment because Ricky hasn't been reinstated yet. Doesn't that sound like a big old 'Not Interested' resonating from the Phish heads?

Finally, Kentucky have finally found someone to coach their basketball team next year. That man is Billy Gillespie and he doesn't think there's that much work to do in fixing th UK team. Hmm, yeah, good luck with that Billy.

That's it, you're all updated, I hope you're happy. Have a great Easter and don't eat too much eat as much damned chocolate as you can handle. What do I care, it's not my body... you fat bastard.

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