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Sunday, April 29, 2007

NFL Draft 2007 Day One Recap; 'I can see clearly now the rain has gone'

As the dust settles and the shouts of 'WTF?!' from the fans die down it becomes easier to analyse what really happened. Did Quinn end up being a steal for the Browns? Was Ginn Jr. really the right pick for the Phins?

Only time will tell ofcourse, but weighing in with irrational opinions is what we're all about down here at 'Camp Shot to Nothing', so here goes...

The Browns trade with Dallas to get back into the first round and take Quinn at no.22 was a good one and a bad one. When you look at that draft sheet on paper you see a franchise OT and a franchise QB, which is awesome. But, when you look at the trade sheet you think 'Damn, Cleveland got hosed'. I think both reasonings are correct, so I guess that means I'm sitting on the fence. And it's warm and comfy here, so kiss my ass.

The Dolphins picks were as follows:

WR Ted Ginn Jr. (Rd1 Pk9), QB John Beck (Rd2 Pk40), C Satele Samson (Rd2 Pk60) and RB Lorenzo Booker (Rd3 Pk71).

There was a hell of a lot of misguided disappointment from Dolphins fans at the Ginn pick, but as the second round played out, it all started to make a lot more sense. Ginn more than filled the huge hole vacated by Welker and Miami got their Good Young QB in John Beck. The O-line was also treated by the picking of Samson at centre. I'll bet if you looked at the post-it note in Cam Cameron's war room after the second round, things were looking pretty good.

I 'm not so sure about the picking of an RB in the third round though. I guess that means Ricky Williams will not be coming back... but then again... It just seems a bit miss-timed. I can't don't want to believe that Booker was high on the Phins' post-it list at the beginning of the draft, but who knows?

I tend to think that, while the first day leans towards fixing a teams current problems, the second day is all about looking towards the future. We'll see how it goes.

Complete Draft Tracker for the first three rounds can be found here. []

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At 3:10 pm, Anonymous KicKnWinG said...

When all else fails and you have no one else to blame, blame God.

At 5:09 pm, Anonymous Sanchez said...

I like it kickn. I like it a lot.


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