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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Alonso Enjoys Pole In Monte Carlo

Fernando Alonso has claimed Pole Position for tomorrows Monte Carlo Grand Prix with impressive team mate and rookie Lewis Hamilton taking second postion on the grid.

Ferrari had 'une secion horible' (That may not be the correct French, but I'm sure you get the picture) with Felipe Massa only managing P3 and Kimi Robotkonenen bemusing everyone by hitting a seemingly un-hittable barrier and ending up in 16th place. It would be fair to say that, at this point, it seems like Kimi never actually stopped driving for McClaren...

There appears to be a decent amount of support on the inter-tubes for rookie Lewis Hamilton and I have to admit, he has added a nice demension to the Formula-1 universe. But despite all the optimism of McClaren fans, Hamilton will not be winning this race tomorrow. Yes he has never been beaten on this circuit and won twice here in his Formula-3 days,BUT nobody has ever won the MonteCarlo Grand Prix in their first year of Formula-1. It is a race that requires a phenominal amountof skill and concentration and I doubt that Hamilton can do what Schumaker, Senna and Fangio all failed to do before him.

Next year perhaps...

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