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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The Trade That Is Definately Going To Happen. Sometime. Maybe.

For about a week or so now I've been feeling pretty suspicious about this whole Trent Green, Dolphins Trade.

Actually, that's an inaccuracy; I've felt a bit dubious about it since after round six of the draft. Since then there have been countless reports about the Dolphins holdout for Green and KC's refusal to budge, but the simple fact is that Trent Green is no closer to wearing the helmeted fish on his shirt then he was two months ago.

Are the Dolphins really all that bothered about acquiring Green?

Perhaps the recent alledged interest from the Falcons will force the issue in the next couple of days and perhaps it won't, but if the answer to that question is 'no' then what exactly does that mean for Miami? The way I see it, there are many more questions out there that haven't been asked or answered yet-

If the Dolphins do want Green, but not enough to have the trade locked down yet, then was the management ever intending for him to be the starter? - If so, then

Do Cameron and the Dolphins know something that the rest of us don't? Have they always had someone else in mind? - This is an intriguing prospect. Daunte has only just started training again true, but it's not the same as last year when he wasn't fully ready but everyone in Miami wanted to believe he was. Maybe he could make a decent comeback this year. Could John Beck be thrown into the deep-end in his rookie year? Shit, maybe Gibran Hamdan is awesome and we just don't know it yet... yeah ok, maybe not.

Is this all some elaborate ploy to either a) screw with the opposition or b) get Green for nothing? - I'd like to think a is a viable option but I'd be reaching and I know it. The most likely outcome is b, but that is just far too boring and straightforward to contemplate.

The truth is we all think Green is a dead cert for Miami because the Media (and Trent Green himself) tell us it is. What is really going on behind the scenes is something we will never know.

[Miami Herald]

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At 5:43 pm, Anonymous Extra P. said...

As a Chiefs fan, this feels like something I should be more interested in, but I can't muster it. Green's best days are behind him, and he needs to realize that "veteran backup" is about as good as it's going to get for him at this point in his career.

However, I am totally not sold on Huard, either, so I'd rather Trent be "veteran backup" in KC than Miami. But all told, I just can't bring myself to get riled either way.

At 5:55 pm, Anonymous Sanchez said...

Which is pretty much exactly how I feel EP, nicely summed up.

Ofcoase, being a Dolphins fan I think we could use some help at QB, but I know that Green is a way too temporary option.

I think we need to get together and have a big ol' 'Couldn't give a crap either way' party, whaddaya say? :)

At 9:20 pm, Anonymous Extra P. said...

Sounds great - Apathy 2007.

At 7:35 am, Anonymous Sanchez said...

lol - love the title.


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