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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Things I Never Thought I'd Hear Myself Say No. 368: It May Be Time to Get Into Womens Golf.

Damnnnnn...Is it immoral to start watching a sport purely for the hotness of it's athletes? Or perhaps more importantly, do I care if it is?

I don't know how I failed to notice (actually it probably has something to do with her being a golfer...), but Natalie Gulbis is fizzzine yo. She appears to have that elusive quality in a female athlete; Hotness. And why do we love the few genuinely hot female (and male, if that's the way you swing) athletes? Because their muscle tone and athlecicity adds to their swoondom instead of taking away from it. Yeah, you know what I mean.

I would like to tell you about Gulbis's many golfing achievements, at the very least to try and avoid turning this into a sleaze post (too late!), but unfortunately there aren't that many. Think Kornikova rather than Sharapova. Perhaps that's an unfair comparison... I just don't watch enough LPGA Tour to know. But all that's about to change.

What I will say is that the Sacramento born Gulbis, who is of Latvian descent, has reached a few finals and looks to be on the up. Judging by this article on USA, Natalie seems to be a pretty cool chick too.

Shit, what else can you say about a Lady who's been judged 'too hot for Golf' by the USGA?

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[Natalie Gulbis Wiki]

[FHM Photo]

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At 6:53 am, Anonymous twins15 said...

I understand wanting to get into a sport because the athletes are good looking... but it's women's golf. WOMEN'S GOLF. I cannot imagine any scenario where I personally would want to watch women's golf... of course, maybe someday I'll think the same as you.

At 7:30 am, Anonymous Sanchez said...

lol, yeah in the cold hard light of morning I am starting to reconsider that decision.

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