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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Romario Scores his 1000th Goal. (Maybe)

Brazilian Footballer and Legendary striker Romario has finally scored his 1000th goal. Despite being well past the average age of retirement (he is now 41), Romario was determined to keep playing untl he reached the elusive mark. Currently playing for CR Vasco de Gama, his 1000th goal was a penalty awarded whilst playing Sport Recife. There is a clip below.

Some sports writers and statititions claim that Romario has massaged the stats somewhat to included youth games, friendly's and testimonials and therefore his total is less than a thousand. Really though, if you're arguing over whether a guy has done something impressive 1000 times or 900-odd times, you should definately be getting out more. When was the last time you did something of note 900 times? And no, getting a boner does not count.


[Romario Wiki]

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