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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Champions League 2007 - Are we set for another 'thrilling' penalty shootout?

Saying I'm not much of a soccer fan is a bit of an underexageration. The truth is that in non international matches, I would rather jam some rather unpleasent herbal pain inducers up my ass for an entire ninety minutes then watch the whole game.

And you know what? The Champions League Final isn't any different in the slightest. (Thought this post was going a different way didn't ya?)

I'll probably watch the game, because ya know, it might just turn out to be worth it. Maybe I just don't get it? I see two of the richest teams in Europe with some of the most over hyped and over payed players on the planet, whilst soccer fans see a classic in the making. Yeah, that worked out well in the FA Cup didn't it?

The last time these two teams met in the CL Final I saw one team completely dominate the first half and go into the lead 3-0. Then I saw that same team basically give up a three goal league despite the fact that they spend the large majority of their domestic league time defending rather than attacking. I didn't think Liverpool played well, I thought Milan falied miserably. Then the whole thing ended on penalties and the papers declared it to be one of the best games ever. How does that work? The whole tournament gets decided by a crapshoot, but it's still a classic?!

*Phew* Anyway, I'll put my soapbox away now and try to look forward to the game. Feel free to bash me soccer fans, after that rant I probably deserve it.

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