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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

The Sheriff of Scotland Ousts The Comeback Kid.

Like a scene from the old west, the stage was set for the final showdown. The crowd held their collective breath as the old sheriff and the new kid in town entered the arena. But this was no smokey wild west whiskey house, this was the Crucible Theatre Sheffield, the home of Snooker and the ultimate destination for every aspiring cue master.

The stage for the World Snooker Championship Final 2007 was set.

John Higgins, the wily old Sheriff, had been here before and knew of the pressure wrought on the players by the bright lights and the millions of spectators worldwide. His experience showed as he made a remarkable start to the final and would head into the final day at a seemingly unassailable 12-4 frame lead.

But the match was far from over. Mark Selby, who had already established his reputation as 'the comeback kid' in the earlier rounds of the tournament, knew that Higgins only needed 6 more frames to clinch victory. He was determined not to let that happen, winning an incredible six frames in a row to force a final session later on in the evening.

Selby showed superb class as he narrowed Higgins' lead to one solitary frame. The score was 14-13 and the crowd moved to the edge of their seats.

That was to be the last frame Selby would win however, the old sheriff had had enough of this young punk and finished him off for good by winning the next four frames on the trot.

The Match was over and John Higgins was the World Champion once again. But the crowd knew,as I did, that we haven't heard the last from Mark Selby. He is 'The Comeback Kid' afterall...

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At 7:44 pm, Anonymous Sophie said...

poor Selby...
i bet its hard but he must be proud of getting in the final, i will.
anyway, Higgins is great.
they played really well, no doubt.

as arcade fire says:

At 7:22 am, Anonymous Sanchez said...

Arcade fire are Selby fans ehy? ;)

Yeah, the victory was well deserved for sure. I was routing for Selby but I wasn't too disapoointed though, Higgins was pretty awesome at the end.


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