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Sunday, May 06, 2007

Global Update: Stoner Wins in Shanghai!

Stoner This is a terrible thing to say but Motorcycle racing's entertainment value is solely based in it's ridiculous high speed crashes. Go on admit it, last time you were watching Moto GP you were just waiting, hoping even, for that one alimghty bodge up that sends the bike and the dude sailing through the air!

However, this weekend the whole sport got a massive boost in the entertainment stakes when a guy called Casey Stoner won some big race out in China. From now on the possibilities are endless; imagine the headlines: "Stoner Is The Champion!", "Stoner Breaks Speed Records!" and maybe even "Stoner Impregnates Multiple Girlfirends!" I'm keeping my eye on this one, for sure.

The final of the World Snooker Championship starts today with John Higgins going up against Mark Selby. Carrying on with the Stoner theme to this post, have you seen Mark Selby?! (that's him on the left). The dude looks like the living dead...

I was a little disappointed when The Thrill (Stephen Maguire) lost to John Higgins, but at least the unseeded Selby won through against Mr. Potato Head to keep me interested in the final. Well... kind of interested. Alright, not really interested but, you know, 'Go Selby!' and all that.

In more interesting (?) news, Floyd Mayweather Jr. won his Big Fight against Oscar De La Hoya after a 12 round split decision. I know there's a safety aspect and all, but 12 round split decisions are not all that exciting to me. Sorry, they're just not.

A Horse called Street Sense has won the Kentucky Derby. He is apparently the first horse of a certain type to win the race since another horse of his certain type won it. The real story here is, how comes every win in horse racing now has to be some sort of record? Can't it just be a big deal that you won one of the most prestigious events on the sporting calender?

Anything else.... let's see...

Oh yeah, Army Played Navy yesterday in their traditional annual Rugby Union match that has taken place since 1878. It was the usual aggressive affair with more and more fights breaking out as the game wore on. Army eventually took the victory with a 37-25 score line, but they did have a resnefulous amount of help from the referee who allowed two Army trys that simply were not lawful in the slightest. But there you go.

Back in the real world of Rugby, Gloucester and Leicester both won their respective semi-final playoff games and will meet each other to decide who takes the title later this month.

That's it, you're all updated. Get the hell outta here biatch.

[BBC Sport]


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At 9:47 pm, Anonymous kaz said...

i think mark selby has played briliantly and for him who is aged 23 went through final and played against my enemy john higgins was a miracle. i just want mark selby to win because i love him.

At 9:50 pm, Anonymous kaz said...

why did john piggins won i really hate him he is so ugly the fat shit i fokin hate him he always made it hard for my poor mark selby by doing hard safety shots. but still i would say mark is the BEST than the john pig.

At 2:53 pm, Anonymous Uqmedjdu said...



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