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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Road to the Semi-Finals: Snooker World Championships 2007

awesomeYesterday I said that Stephen Maguire is

"sometimes the best thing to set foot around a snooker table and sometimes the worst thing"

Well, today he was the former. In fact he was better then that winning four frames in a row in a shut-out session this morning to claim his place in the final four. I don't think I've ever seen a better performance at a snooker table, Hamilton just never stood a chance.

Unfortunately, it's unlikely that Maguire will carry that form into the next round. And that's precisely the problem. I would never ever (ever) put money on Maguire to win anything because of his consistency issues. That's why I've decided to dub him 'The Thrill'; because his brilliance is unparalleled but it comes in short, unexpected bursts.

Hey, I was going to call him 'The Premature Thrill', but I figured that would be a bit harsh.

[BBC Sport]

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