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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Come On Vince, put Dwain Chambers in the Game!

So you're the head coach of the Hamburg Sea Devils NFL Europe team. You're currently third in the league out of six teams and your team is looking decidedly average. You look at your roster and see that you have one of the fastest men in the world listed under WR. What do you do?

Well if you're Vince Martino, you completely ignore this incredible offensive weapon and leave him to languish on the sidelines for seven whole games. You convince yourself that this guy was signed because the fans would love him and because, being a former 100m sprinter, he would put bums on seats.

What was that line from 'Any Given Sunday'... Wasn't it something along the lines of "straight outta Tony's website -" Well maybe there should be a new website set up for Vince Martino; ""

If you've got a guy in your team who can run the 100m in sub-ten seconds wouldn't you have given him at-least one or two plays in seven games? Wouldn't you have at-least tried him out on a kick return or a punt return or even a "go long Dwain, we're gonna run play-action and hoof one down to ya" ?!

What the heck is wrong with you Vince Martino? Are you hiding behind some asshole morals, like Chambers is the only track athlete to be caught taking drugs or something and 'damnit the NFL needs to be kept drug free!' Dwain has been clean for years now and are you going to tell me that there are cornerbacks and safeties in NFL Europa that can match the pace of one of the fastest men in the world?

Stop being a moron Vince, The Hamburg Sea Devils could really use a super fast receiver right now - put Dwain Chambers in the game.


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