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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Liverpool Go After Snoogy Doogy

Liverpool chairman George Gillett is so impressed with his club's manager, Rafa Benitez, that he has openly delcared his support for any attempted signing that Benitez makes. At the same time he showed how in touch with the youth he is by (nearly) name dropping a well known rapper:

"If Rafa said he wanted to buy 'Snoogy Doogy', we would back him."

I'm not sure how Snoogy feels about this offer, but I'm sure if Snoop Dogg was offered a similar chance he would say something like:

"Liverpizzle? Fer Shizzle ma' bizzle..."


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At 10:56 pm, Anonymous Run Up The Score! said...

Oooh. You'll never wizzalk alizzone.

At 7:23 am, Anonymous Sanchez said...

lol :)


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