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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Blogroll Driveby...

Some of the best from around the Blogzone...

I'm pretty sure if I had to choose between Jose Reyes and Hanlez Ramirez, I would take Reyes but twins does make a fairly decent argument for Ramirez in this weeks Thursaday Debate. [Complete Sports]

Sometimes it's hard to remember that Lebron is still only 22. Handling the pressure he does and in the way he does it... awesome is the only word. [The Extrapolater]

Incase you missed it (and you may as-well had) the Spurs won the West. [The Big Lead]

So after a great start the Brewers have now lost 14 of their last 19 games. What. The. Heck? [Babes Love Baseball]

Three words - It'll Never Work. Yes people want more football, but it's more good football they want. [Sports Couch Potato]

I'm sure he's a very attractive dude, but DAmnn, Grady Sizemore is one cheesy mofo. Even his name is corny...[Ladies...]

And Finally...

It has to be said that [Mr. Irrelevant] (Jamie Mottram) and the picture of sexiness himself, Dan Steinberg ([DC SportsBog]) are doing an incredible job with 'The Blog Show'. If you haven't seen it yet then you need to check out all ten episodes (so far) ASAP.

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At 8:27 pm, Anonymous Extra P. said...

The blog show is good, clean (mostly clean) fun.

At 8:43 am, Anonymous twins15 said...

Thanks for the link. :)


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